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Mr. Anderson

Born in Greenville, SC. Abra has always had an interest in the arts. Abra won his first Art Scholarship in the fifth grade. Abra then won the same scholarship in the eighth grade. Abra auditioned for the Greenville County Performing Arts School and he got in as a youth, performing with adults. Abra sang Italian aria’s especially Giacomo Puccini an Italian composer held in highest regard with Verde. In the Eleventh grade Abra played the role of Buster the Forest Ranger in Little Mary Sunshine performed at the Greenville County Performing Arts School. At the age of 16, Abra was lead singer in a night club band, which then gave Abra the opportunity to tour doing NCO Clubs on military bases. Abra has opened up for James Brown and has had the opportunity to run audio/visual for Keith Sweat, Al Green and Morris Day and The Time, which landed Abra here in Nashville, TN where he has since been bitten by the acting bug. It was Abra’s wife Lynn that saw the characteristics of an actor in Abra. In November 2019 Abra was an extra in the film Wear the Crown. In December 2019 Abra was in the production God Gave Me Christmas written by Angela Taylor. Abra played the role of Mr. Clarence Anderson, a has-been singer whose family leaves after he can’t pay the bills for chasing his singing career. Abra will also be in an expanded version of I See You a Black history piece written by Angela Taylor. Abra will be playing the Soulful Marvin Gaye and Justice AA Birch.

Abra Cadabra: TeamMember
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