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Branding & Marketing Consultant

Angela is a branding consultant specializing in the effective use of promotional products. Working with corporations nationwide and helping them discover how merchandise can be used creatively to give joy, while building brand love and loyalty is her passion. Especially close to her heart is working on eco/sustainable and animal projects. She is currently a student of feng shui mastery and loves bringing elements of this into all aspects of life.  She is truly grateful to be an organizer and sponsor of the first Lightwork Awards. Angela believes that a Lightworker is anyone who brings love and light to the world in their own unique way. She says, "Highlighting those who are shining bright by doing good in this world is so important and if we just stop to look, we will see this everywhere around us. We must not forget that even the tiniest act of love, compassion, kindness or even just a smile, can make a difference, bringing meaningfulness to our own lives and others!" You can find Angela on Instagram at @ThePromoShopper or Facebook @AngelaMorris888

Angela Morris: Organizers
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