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Hi, I'm Charissa!  I was born a creative and have always loved and have been fascinated by watching people.  This curiosity has taken me on an adventure to obtain a degree in Fine Arts and a Master's in Education.  I've lived in many different places among many different people!  I find all types of people incredibly beautiful and I believe it is my life mission to capture that and show it to the world.  My greatest desire is to capture your essence in the moment when you least expect it.  My goal is to show you how beautiful you are in the impromptu and unexpected moments in life. I believe if we can see our light in those unexpected moments of ourselves, we can grow and ignite a brighter flame to brighten the world.  It is my goal to open your eyes to a beauty within yourself and show you the incredible light that you are already shining and to help you remember it forever!

Charissa Daman: TeamMember
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