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Director of Community Alliances & Balcony Stage Manager

Cyntanna is the Treasurer of Homeland Heart Birth and Wellness Collective where one of her many passions is to aid in the support of infant mortality in children of color. Cyntanna is also the founder of Cynergy, a company that specializes in sage, incense, and event hosting (where she does more than burn sage, which she loves!). She believes in energy clearing and uplifting the vibe in all spaces. She enjoys sharing information and practices to help others and herself along her spiritual journey. Cyntanna also has a passion for holding space for Lightworkers and connecting them with the community. It was a common passion to find and serve the Lightworker community in Nashville that inspired Cyn to join The Lightwork Awards Organizer Team, where she serves as Director of Community Alliances, building partnerships with Lightworker-owned businesses throughout the region. To be a part of a production showcasing Lightwork is a dream come true. Cyntanna believes that keeping people in boxes is what the world doesn’t need. Since starting this journey, it has led her to find many people and spiritual practices that have transformed and expanded her world to see that simply finding common ground and connection brings more Light into the world. Cyntanna can be found on Instagram @cynergy_

Cyntanna Collins: TeamMember
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