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Cassandra's Daughter

Janiya, left, and her sister, Sirionna.

Janiya may be a little 10 yr. old - but her being is FULL of love, fashion, excitement, and tenacity. Janiya has performed in five productions, but The Lightwork Awards is the first time she has shared the stage with her mom and step dad, actors Lynn and Abra Cadabra. Niya as she is known in her family and community is the “Mother Hen”. She loves babies and loves to nurture and care for people and things. Niya is a GREAT Big Sister to Sirionna and the ULTIMATE friend. If you had a chance to ask Janiya’s village to describe her in a few words you would hear: Lover, Protector, Defender, Real Life Minnie Mouse, FRIEND, Confidant and Encourager. Niya loves to sing in the Children’s Choir at church, she is a Junior Usher, a member of Stem Scouts #1005, and is an aspiring seamstress and actress! When Janiya grows up, she would like to be a Veterinarian to help and heal animals.

Janiya S. West: TeamMember
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