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Born and raised right here in Nashville, TN. Lynn is a Mother of two daughters Janiya (age 9) and Sirionna (age 8). Lynn is the wife of Abra Cadabra for seven years. Lynn has been a Background Singer for years and has enjoyed it immensely. In the summer of 2017 Lynn had the opportunity to take part in her first production EVER The African American Experience: “A Walk through Time” on the campus of Tennessee State University. Lynn would go on to work with Alan R. H. Nettles again in February 2018 on a black history month piece titled Chapter 22: A Walk through Time. This time Lynn had speaking lines for the character Allyssa. Lynn was in her first movie in November 2019 titled Wear the Crown. Lynn plays Dr. Tabitha Patrice Kelly Price wife of Stacey Price a Momma’s Boy who needs to get a real job and put his dream of being an Opera Singer back on the shelf. In December of 2019 she had the AWESOME privilege of working with Angela Taylor on her production God Gave me Christmas, a piece that puts a name and story behind what you see on the street asking you for change, food or help. Lynn plays the role of Cassandra a broken and bruised mother fleeing an abusive relationship with just her kids. Lynn is currently working with Angela Taylor on an expanded production of I See You for Black History Month. Lynn will be playing the role of Ella Sheppard the Matriarch of the world-renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Lynn E. Cadabra: TeamMember
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