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Light Language Artist

"Everyone has to start somewhere, and mistakes are part of an everlasting gain of understanding and betterment of those that exist." MK

Light Language: Light language and Light codes are information re-membered from The Divine Consciousness, which some call Source, God, Akashic Records, and is inclusive of all our life paths, self, and guides across and beyond the Multiverse. Light language art takes this information and integrates it in a creative, expressive way through any kind of medium, such as visual art, film, song, music or in combination.

MK AKA MKmUSicIAN (pronounced MK-Muse-A-Shaan) is an American international singer, songwriter, music producer, animator, film producer, and visual artist born in the rhythmic heart of Bangladesh, her capital city, Dhaka. He came up with his stage name initially to portray himself as a musician bringing together the rich cultural attributes from two different parts of the world, USA in the West and South Asia in the East. In the last 2 decades, he had been experimenting with music from across the globe, which includes his recent focuses in film production and comedy skits. MKmUSicIAN speaks and sings in three different languages: English, Bengali, and Hindi and had also worked with artists from different genres, cultures, and other languages such as Spanish and Tamil from around the globe.

“We Are Energy Beings assisting in each other’s realization of our soul-selves connected through The Infinite Force above and beyond the multiverse.” - MK

MK is also  a Light Language speaker, singer, writer, and visual artist channeling positive information AKA Light Codes from across and beyond the multiverse. He is also the founder of the We Are Energy Beings and Multiversal Light Codes initiatives, which are derivatives and pathways to share his channeled positive information and guidance with everyone everywhere through social media and elsewhere. He is also the founder of the recently initiated visual arts store, Let There Be Light, an avenue and opportunity for everyone  to witness, experience and keep home or gift their loved ones a portion of the wonderful Light Language and Light Codes channeled through him. For the last few months, he has also been volunteering moments allowing people the opportunity to witness, share, and experience his channeled Light Language arts and films through Live Sessions and open dialogues with the attending audiences. MK comes from a family of mystics, musicians, performers, artists, and actors, a combination that throttled him to be the ever evolving being that he is today.

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Mustaheed "MK" Khan: TeamMember
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