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MC & Assistant Director

Obeah (Jamaican term for “spiritual leader”) at the Church of the Sacrament.

Author of The Gospel of SylvaSophia (coming summer of 2020).

Through his 10 years of dedicated training in Shamanic Cosmology by teachers from the Carribean’s Taino tradition of Borinquen (Puerto Rico) and Jamaica, Awno was awarded the title Ka. The Ka denotes a singular commitment to the furthering of humanity's acceptance of the presence of the Goddess through the conscious integration of Spirit, Soul, & Body, which Awno refers to as “Ensoulment”. 

During his training Awno Ka revealed the Spiral Mantra. A prayer in number that harkens back to ancient Egypt. The Spiral Mantra is a code that embodies the laws that govern the universe and harmonizes one with the universal mind. The Spiral Mantra takes the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers (1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13, 21, 34, 55, 89,144) that describe essential relationships in nature like the numbers of petals on flowers or the size and spin of a tornado, and condenses them into their eternal core:

Spiral Mantra

1123 5843 7189

8876 4156 2819

Awno Ka began his public ministry in 2015 in the Bay Area of California where he founded the Church of the Sacrament, on the premise of building a sacred life through dance and meditation. There he also led deep dive shamanic journeys for hundreds of souls. 

With family ties in Tennessee, Obeah Awno Ka moved to Nashville in 2017, expanding the Church of the Sacrament through study groups, meditation circles, and leading Somatic Sundays monthly services offering soul exploration through dance and meditation.

Obeah Awno Ka is a founding member of The Lightwork Awards team. From the beginning, the vision to foster community among Lightworkers and celebrate those who uplift others was immediately in harmony with his goal to be of service to humanity.

Wardrobe: Awno is wearing a "Ka'mono" designed by Rebecca Sani, and an original piece by Robin Haley of Robin Haley Jewelry.

Obeah Awno Ka: Organizers
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