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Stage Manager

With both a technical and performance background in the music industry, Ryan Murphy serves as Stage Manager for the show.

His company, Silver Luthier, is also a proud Partner of The Lightwork Awards. With a fascination for Rocker style jewelry, Ryan began learning silversmithing, & apprenticed under a 3rd generation master jeweler in Los Angeles, where he began to create his first designs, which later evolved into Silver Luthier.

The guitar parts concept evolved out of his other passion, playing guitar.  Of course, being a lefty, he found that finding the beautiful lefty guitars he wanted was a challenge, so he began building his own in his uncle's wood shop.  Inevitably that led to his next realization: All guitar hardware was essentially the same, or otherwise not quite what he was looking for.

He decided to combine the colorful Rocker image with his guitar accessories.  Years of trial & error & honing his craft later, he created the most visually striking accessories to hit the market.  From tailpieces clad in skulls, tuning pegs with Gothic crosses, to flame toggle plates & more, all with their matching Silver jewelry counterpart, skull rings, Gothic cross pendants, etc.

To date Ryan's pieces have been worn by some of the biggest stars, including members of Aerosmith, Metallica, Johnny Depp, Doobie Brothers, Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Hinder, Parmalee and many others. 

Ryan Murphy: TeamMember
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