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Cassandra's Daughter

Sirionna, right, with her sister Janiya. 

Sirionna, "Siri" for short, is a little stick of Dynamite and she will tell you “I was named before your Apple app”! This little 8 yr. old is Sassy, a Unicorn, Dancer, Prankster, TRUTH Teller, Hugger and Mommy’s Girl! Siri is a child full of Wisdom, Unlimited Energy and intrigue. She is a sweetheart who needs to know the “WHY” to everything so if you encounter for your sake know your stuff!

Siri is a handful of a little sister to Janiya. Siri is a motorcycle enthusiast and a dare-devil in training. Siri is the LIFE of the party! Things that Siri likes to do: Singing, especially in the Children’s Choir at church where she is also a Junior Usher, STEM Scouts #1005, and she is an aspiring seamstress and actress. This is Sirionna’s fourth production but her first time acting with her mom and step dad, Lynn and Abra Cadabra.

Sironna E. West: TeamMember
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