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Playwright & Director, I See You

Angela Taylor ( My Breezy) is a Songwriter, Performing Artist, Visual Artist, Playwright and Screenwriter.

Angela’s natural, creative style of writing, has given her opportunities to travel around the world for many events and venues from Germany to New York. The songs and stories she writes reflect experiences she has lived, witnessed or feels need a voice. Angela's subjects pull from her own life experiences that range from being homeless as both a child and adult, domestic violence, and urban street life. Captivating life from these perspectives in her writing, character creation and performing arts, gives Angela an avenue to express her stories and serve as her way of healing and growing through the past for herself and others. Her music and plays have been performed at churches, community centers, theaters, gala events and venues to inspire youth not to walk the same path, and encourage the Homeless that they will and can survive. She is also serves as a stop-the-violence advocate through her music. 

Recent and current projects include:

Music Album: Wingslifted

Singles: Afro Swag Theme Song, Women Who Rock Theme Song, Salon Life

Plays: Let them Shine 1, Let them Shine 2,

God Gave Me Christmas, Shadow of an Eye, I See You, I Shall Not Be Moved

Film: Shadow of an Eye

Angela Taylor: TeamMember
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