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Executive Director
Nashville Film Festival

Sallie Wood Mayne grew up in Miami, FL, and went onto to get her Bachelor of Arts Design from University of Florida. An adventure with her two best friends took them to Austin, TX, where she went on to meet her husband Bill. Loving the arts, she felt her strengths were in the admin side, helping artist throughout her career. They lived in Portland, OR, Austin, TX, Los Angeles, Ft. Worth and landed in Nashville where they raised two boys, Chris and Bryant. Her career included Advertising Manager for the Frank Ervin Center, 17,000 seat area where she handled rock concerts and family shows. In LA, she worked for J. Walter Thompson on the 20th Century Fox account. In Nashville, her first gig was at the Nashville Children's Theatre and in 2004, she became Executive Director of the Nashville Film Festival. At the time, it was about to be cancelled, but in three years she brought it back to life and international acclaim where it is still thriving today. "I love working on events and being around creatives, so when I met Kirem, I knew I had to be a part of this event.”

Sallie Mayne: Organizers
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