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Music City Medium
Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Teacher

Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach. Certified in Holistic Life Coaching and Human Resources she uses a pragmatic approach and Scorpio sense of humor (yes, they have one) to empower, educate and unlock her client's highest potential, by infusing a broad spectrum of spiritual guidance in her private sessions, programs and workshops. Her experience in the metaphysical world has spanned over 40 years. As the weird kid in school, she found a passion for Astrology, which taught her how to understand and connect with others more deeply and her extensive knowledge of the Astrological blueprint we all possess has aided her throughout all aspects of her life. Her ability to “talk to dead people”, a powerful tool for healing grief, was a part of her every day life since childhood. Suzie's mission (besides world domination) is to bring what she calls “Cosmic Common Sense” to the world, helping as many people as she can find their personal connection to their intuition, and remove the fear and stigma of accessing the unknown and unseen that is truly available to all humans. Suzie has trained and worked with with the most influential psychics and mediums in the world at the Arthur Findlay College in England, Lily Dale and Cassadaga. She is a regular guest on the "Today in Nashville" show, writes Astrology columns and blogs for various publications including Brides Magazine,, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Elle, hosts a radio show on Hippie Radio, "The Cosmic Coach Show," and is the on-air Astrologer for WSCA-FM. Suzie teaches Mediumship, Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Development, Law of Attraction and Reiki and entertains audiences around the country with demonstrations of evidential mediumship and psychic predictions.

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